A Romanian, a Venezuelan, a Mexican and a Russian walk into a bar... 
The Romanian is late because she can't read a map, while the other three are waiting patiently for her in the most hipster establishment in East Vancouver. 

... There's no punchline to that joke because it's not a joke. It's the story of how four strangers decided to get together and participate in Platform 2015, Vancouver's only social media case competition of its kind. We come from very different backgrounds, but our love for Communication and Social Media brought us together. 

They call me the unicorn and goofball of the group (I just call it being awesome).  But enough about me; there's no need to toot my own horn.

Lillian (the Venezuelan) is the common denominator between us. She is the one who reached out and put this team together. She is a Communications Coordinator with a background in Interactive Arts and Technology. Her motto is to "dream big, work hard and do it with passion." Pretty sure that also refers to her wicked make-up artistry skills, right? 

Norma (the Mexican) is our official photographer and bad ass. With a background in Social Media and Digital Communications, she spends her days talking all things Hootsuite. She's fluent in Canexican, rocks awesome tats and rides mountain bikes. 

Tatiana (the Russian) is the resident flowerchild yogi. She recently graduated from SFU with a joint degree in Psychology and SIAT (Interactive Arts and Technology) and hopes to bring her unique skill set into Vancouver's tech start-up world. 

We each bring various strengths to the table and tomorrow is our time to shine. The cases will be handed out and we will have 24 hours to put our strategy together and our skills to the test. Regardless of the results, I know I'm walking away with a victory. I've learned more about social media, communications and professional development in the past few weeks leading up to this event than I have in the past year. I've met so many cool people along the way and set the foundation for what will be a lasting friendship with three very special ladies. As much as I/we would like to take home that title, I know I've already won in more than one way. 



In any case - wish us luck and be sure to say "Hi" to the ladies on their channels. Here we go! 

Stay tuned for next week’s riveting post. If you don’t see anything, you have my full permission to harass me on twitter. 

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