You know that feeling you experience on a roller coaster as it approaches the first peak? With every climb, the anticipation and nervousness builds and you know you're about to be dropped into a valley. The second you hear the last click of your ascent - your stomach drops. The world stops for a brief moment and the next thing you know you're rushing down a slope, bracing anything within reach for dear life. You can feel the momentum building  behind you, almost pushing you faster down the slope. And then you reach a straight away. It takes a second to pull yourself together, but before you know it you're ascending again. Only this time, everything feels different. This time, it takes twice as much effort to get to the peak. Nonetheless, you make it to the top. Now - imagine that about three more times and you will have a pretty good idea of my emotional state this past weekend. 

Lillian, Tatiana, Norma and I spent the weekend designing and pitching Lululemon's 2015 social media Holiday Campaign for the Platform 2015 case competition. We laughed, we cried, but most importantly, it was a learning experience unlike any other. Lessons come in many shapes and forms and these are a few that I'm walking away with thanks to this experience:

  • Never stop pushing your boundaries. The only way you will know what you're truly capable of is by challenging yourself. 
  • You either have the most amazing idea in the world or a great idea with a solid execution strategy. In situations such as this, time is a luxury and getting caught up in the search for the perfect idea can - and will - be your downfall. 
  • It's really not about the competition itself. The people you meet along the way will be more valuable than any title. 
  • Sugar (in all its forms) is always good idea (at any time of day).
  • Dance breaks are mandatory in order to maintain sanity.  
  • A loss is never the end of the journey. Don't let it be. 

I'm so proud of the fact that we worked so well together and we never forgot to enjoy the moment and have fun.  Even though we didn't officially win, I walked away with a concrete victory. Walking out of that presentation, I was on a total life high. I wanted to dance, shout, laugh, cry, throw up and shit myself - all at the same time. I never want to forget that feeling. 

A massive and heartfelt "Thank You" to every single person involved in making this project happen. Thank you for bringing the best crash course competition to life. 

Check out Tatiana's post for a play-by-play of the day and Norma's 6 takeaways from the entire experience. 

Stay tuned for next weekโ€™s riveting post. If you donโ€™t see anything, you have my full permission to harass me on twitter.