Last week, I attended Marketer's Night - an event organized by the SFU Student Marketing Association. This unique event  is one of the largest student-run networking event of its kind and provides a rare opportunity for students and professionals to mingle and discuss the latest trends in marketing. This year's event showcased the increase in popularity of e-marketing and the shift in promotional strategies towards digital formats.

The lineup of speakers included:

I was truly impressed with the overall quality of the event and the knowledge that the speakers were able to share. Each speaker had a unique take on digital media and how it has shaped their individual career path and the industry as a whole. 

Gordon presented the idea that analytics, in fact, measure human behaviour. Anything from the amount of time a person spends of a particular webpage, to the type of link someone will click through, to the times of day that people are most active on a certain platform - all this data translates into our digital footprint. 

Kelsey highlighted the importance of an online presence and embracing your creativity, even when you're afraid of doing so. Something as simple as a blog can truly set you apart from your peers - a key objective for recent grads entering the job market. Aside from personal branding purposes, blogging and cohesive/ consistent use of social media platforms can also put you on the radar of major brands (while you are still in school). 

Coming from a producing background, Sean's presentation was content-driven. He talked about the disruptive effect that the internet has had on traditional media channels and how it continues to shape the way in which we create and consume content. According to Sean, broadcasting used to be neat and tidy. Then the internet came around and fucked it all up. Long story short, the medium is no longer defined by the distribution, resulting in shattered silos. In fact, YouTube and Netflix are classic examples of this increasingly popular phenomenon. 

The point that resonated with me the most from Pam's presentation was the encouragement to throw yourself out there and embrace failure. You will never be "fully ready". Enough said. 

Also in attendance were the creators of Riipen - an online platform that connects budding talent with top employers. The site allows students showcase their skills by submitting project proposals to address employer's needs. Students then receive incentives from the business if their submission is chosen! This can be anything from cash to a job opportunity. How cool is that? If you're a student looking to build your portfolio and have concrete examples where you've implemented your skill set, you have to check them out. 

Take a look at the highlights I put together in between live-tweeting during the event and trying to figure out what color #TheDress is. (We all know it's #blueandblack). 

Stay tuned for next week’s riveting post. If you don’t see anything, you have my full permission to harass me on twitter.