LEARNING: about Digital Transformation in the Workplace

LISTENING TO:The Dropout” podcast from ABC Radio - about the fall of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes

READING: Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, by Yuval Noah Harari

FULL TIME: Communications at Teekay

OUT OF LOVE: Director, Career Development on the IABC/BC Board



  • Read SPRINT, by Google Venture’s Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz, on how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days 📕

  • Mingled all the way at the IABC/BC + CPRS joint Holiday Social 🎉

  • Volunteered to wrap Christmas Presents in support of the Vancouver Food Bank 🤝

  • Unplugged and dedicated time to loved ones this Holiday Season ❤️ 🎄


  • Dipped my toe in the User Experience space by completing the Design Thinking course at BrainStation! I wrote all about my learnings and takeaways from the course in this article: “A Communicator Walks Into a Design Thinking Course...” on LinkedIn. Let me know what you think! 🎨

  • Hosted another livestream session for our Teekay-ers around the globe. This time, we discussed what ‘data as an asset’ means in context of our Digital Transformation strategy and had a chance to hear from various project teams across the organization and learn about their data-driven pilot projects. Data warehouses, APIs, predictive analytics, machine learning - you name it, we’re exploring it. 💻

  • Held the first of our Speed Mentorship Series and it was a hit! Thanks to our wonderful mentors and curious attendees. Check it out. 🤝


  • Hosted IABC/BC’s second Certification exam sitting of 2018. I am absolutely THRILLED to announce that we now have 3 more globally-certified Communications Management Professionals (CMPs)… and 4 of our very own Strategic Communication Management Professionals (SCMPs) in British Columbia! Congratulations to all of our newly Certified pros! 📜

  • We have shortlisted 6 fantastic projects and non-profits for our Gift of Communications program and are now looking for Communicators who want to give back. The season for giving is upon us. 🎁

  • Set the wheels in motion for the first episode of Speed Mentoring series: “Lifting the Lid on Communications Careers.” We’re working to give communicators the edge they need to succeed in Vancouver's unique and competitive marketplace. Our expert group of mentors will cover topics including: employer branding, positioning for growth, attracting millennial talent and he struggles and successes of the lone practitioner within an organization. Check it out!


  • Spent two weeks in Greece on a much needed, unplugged vacation! #takemeback 🏖️☀️

  • Hosted Teekay’s first Hackathon focused on Digital Transformation and facilitated by Rocky Ozaki of NoW Innovations 💥

  • Attended the Fall Kick-off, officially marking the beginning of the 2018-19 IABC/BC Chapter year! 💃

  • Kicked off 2018/19 Gift of Communications program! 🎁 We’re looking for deserving non-profits in Vancouver that have a project or challenge that could benefit from communications expertise.


  • Joined Teekay’s Strategic Development team as their official Business Unit Partner from a Comms/ Marketing side 🎉

  • Dreamed up and submitted the Career Development portfolio plan and associated budget for approval. We’re up to some exciting things this year… be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the 👀 IABC/BC channels to learn more!

July '18

  • Introduced and implemented livestreams to engage with colleagues across the world. We had more than 300 people across 9 timezones tuning in to learn more about our Digital Transformation strategy and team update! 🎉

  • Attended a Change Management workshop and ADKARed and SWOTed the heck out of our plans 📄

  • Got together with the IABC/BC Board and Execs for our Strategy Planning session to think up our Chapter's offerings for the year (PS: we found out the World Conference will be IN VANCOUVER next year! Mark your calendars: June 9-12, 2019 🌎)

  • Used up all my credits for the month on ClassPass... which let's be honest... is a miracle in and of itself 💪

June '18

  • Created this timeline... and I pinky promise to update it regularly 🤞 you can hold me to it.

  • Was voted in as Director of Career Development at IABC/BC for a second year at the AGM! ✨ Meet the rest of our talented Board.

  • Celebrated the #IABCBCtribe at the 2018 Wave Awards 💃

May '18

  • Attended the IABC Canada West Region Dare 2 Lead leadership conference in Regina, SK 🌟 and connected with fellow Board members and Executives from across the region's Chapter. #creatingconnections #weleadIABC

  • Our global Public Affairs team got together in Vancouver for a week of media training 💯 and ran a social media drill with Teekay's executive team.

  • Kicked off the planning for the upcoming 2018/19 Gift of Communications program 🎁

  • Launched the refreshed! 📢 Huge shoutout to Lillian Chow for spearheading this beast of a project and our whole team for making this happen. It's been a long time comin' and worth the wait.

  • Started reading The Startup Way, Eric Ries, about how modern companies use entrepreneurial management to transform Culture and drive long-term growth📕

April '18

  • Produced office videos for two of Teekay's Norwegian offices used in a recruitment campaign. Take a look! Welcome to Stavanger and Trondheim 📽️

  • Lead a series of personal branding workshops, helping colleagues present themselves authentically online and sparking ideas about how they can use avenues such as LinkedIn for Business Development ✨

  • Attended IABC/BC 6th annual Signature Storytelling event and listened to stories about overcoming Imposter Syndrome 🤡

  • Hosted IABC/BC first Certification exam sitting of 2018. Our Chapter now has one more globally-certified Communications Management Professional (CMP)! 📜

  • Read The Lean Startup, Eric Ries, about how today's entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses 📕

March '18

  • Launched the newly designed skill-based, peer-to-peer Mentorship program at IABC/BC

  • Attended an Oculus focus group/research session and nerded out about emerging technologies and business use cases 🤓

  • Skied a Black Diamond for the first time in my life! ⛷️
    Learning to ski as an adult (who’s not entirely sports inclined) has been hard. Fear sucks. But hard work and perseverance pays off. And the moment I said “fuck it” and jumped over the edge and onto the slope was exhilarating. I want to remember this moment forever.

  • Read Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale... a dystopian "fiction" that's frighteningly close to reality 📕

February '18

  • Helped shape Teekay's Digital Transformation strategy for the next 3+ years over the course of an intensive 3-day session 🙌 👩‍💼

  • Volunteered at the Vancouver Food Bank, packing go-bags and sorting through donations 🤝

  • Completed the Leadership Circle Profile Assessment to better understand my creative competencies, reactive tendencies and personality to help me on my journey to leadership development 📈

January '18

  • Attended IABC/BC's "Go for the Gold" event: a case study panel of BC’s award-winning communications work

  • Volunteered at Covenant House, helping them sort through piles and piles of donations 🤝

  • Attended a Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals workshop at Brainstation 🎒

  • Read Thrive, Ariana Huffington, about the third metric to redefining success and creating a happier life 📕

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